"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox

Below are some words of appreciation from some of Selberg Studios' many satisfied customers.

Danny "Sammy" arrived and is doing well. I can't believe how smooth the controls work. For a person who is new to the world of Vent - makes it a lot easier to learn than having a "less well made figure" - Thanks for your great work.

Dr. Richard Teaff
Lexington, VA

Thanks! The new figure's name is Reggie and he's Rastafarian but with a twist. He'll be a great addition to the show.

Terry Fator
Las Vegas, NV

Tim, Thanks for your time on the phone yesterday, I know your time is valuable. I've shopped around and honestly, if you were not in business, I would opt for a soft figure or abandon my dream to become a vent. The selection of hard figures is astonishing low as well as a very low artistic quality. I'm sure there will be more figure orders to follow after Buster as at least 2-3 would fit nicely into my plans.

Cliff Wiggs
Plant City, FL

Just wondering and if you don't know it by now, your puppets give your fans, of which I am a huge one, tons of joy!

David Huss
Mt. Sinai, NY

I've been on the road for almost two weeks and every show gets better. I sent a photo of him to Dunham and Jeff wants me to bring him along when we go to Madison, WI next week to see his show. He said he thought is was one of the best Selberg's that he has seen … especially the paint. I'm sure you're used to hearing high praise for your work, but in this case I just want you to know that I am extremely happy with the puppet. It was well worth the wait.

Dale Brown
Waukesha, WI

G'Day Tim, Great News the figure has arrived as you said it would. Looks great. You made a young boy very happy. Thanks a Lot.

Trevor Wilson
Roseworthy, Australia

Tim, It was nice speaking with the voice behind the creation last week and this evening I was in receipt of Sammy. Thank you for doing such a detailed and wonderful job on him. He looks great!

Anthony Stefani
Denver, CO

I took him out of customs today, He is soooo awesome... Great work, thanks for that...

Christoph Quernheim
Hessen, Germany

Thank you very much for...'Wendell'... Tim Selberg! He's Awesome!

Dirk Golden
Corona, CA

I wanted to let you know that he (Buster) landed here last week and everything looks and works great. What a great design ! It'll certainly raise the bar for my performance. I appreciate your efforts in getting him finished up and out to me. Thank you sir.

Jerry Farris
Jonesboro, AR

"Old Coot" has arrived and he looks fantastic. His exceptional detail gives him so much character. Friends, family and work mates love him also. I will send a photo of us together in the near future. Thanks Tim.

Darren Turner
Tasmania, Australia

Received Grannie yesterday! Very impressed with your craftsmanship. She is truely a work of art. Children at school will enjoy her when I get the handle on using the controls. Again, thanks!

Mark Scott
Hampstead, NC

This is most definitely the coolest thing I ever bought myself. Tim's craftsmanship is perfection. The hardest part was deciding which character I would purchase which is why I need to buy another one soon so mean Sammy can have a friend to pick on.

Robert Risko
New York, NY

I received CJ in the mail today. The coloring and attention to detail is incredible. I have several other vent figures and yours by far is the best, not even a contest.

Steven Lee
Lake Charles, LA

Tater arrived and I am speechless. He was totally worth the wait. Thank you for all your hard work and time you put into Tater and helping me get him. He will be a part of my family and shows for a long time to come. I am amazed at how his expressions can change from total angelic to small "Chucky-like" monster right away. The spitter and cryer is just a scream. Your controls are a breeze and I am already working him. Thank you for our journey together.

James Linn
Taichung, Taiwan
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