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J.J. Abrams recieved this Portrait Figure of himself
as a surprise
birthday present

About Portrait Figures
A glimpse of a few unfinished Portrait Figures inside Selberg Studios

What can we say... Is this, perhaps, the ultimate Animated Mechanical Figure? Who doesn't want an amazing miniature replica of themselves, a family member, the company CEO, etc., you get the idea.... Portrait figures are one of our most often requested types of Custom Figure. Here is some info on how it's done.

Prices and Approaches for Creating the Look-A-Like Figure (2 Options)

OPTION #1 Working with images and data collected in personal session with Selberg Studios.

This session will take place at Selberg Studios itself, or a location (Convention, business or other suitable site) at a scheduled time. In some cases, it may be possible to arrange for a Studio Technician to travel to the Client themselves location, city and state that is most convenient for him/her. Additional and appropriate charges would apply.

OPTION #2 Working with photo set supplied by the you, the Client

This option would require that we receive a clear set of photos taken in the specific manner outlined below:

Instructions for taking Rotational Reference Photos of a Human Subject:

In terms of the photos needed that will lend the best possible results, the subject should sit on a stool or chair that swivels with the person's head directly above and in line with the axis/rotational point. A camera can then be mounted on a tripod or held at a stationary point and photos taken as the seat is revolved by equal increments for each image. Photographs from a full left side profile to full right profile are necessary. There must be a shot from dead straight on in this series and 2 or 3 transitional pictures leading to each precise side view. The subject should hold the desired facial expression throughout the process. A more neutral look with pleasant expression (slight grin with lips closed) is suggested and usually preferable to a very wide smile. Although this does require a bit of homework on your end the results are well worth it. Also some additional pictures with the camera above looking down to show the top profile of your forehead, nose and cheeks.


High Density Urethane is a tough, dimensionally stable, closed cell, substrate carving and tooling material. It has high heat deflection properties and is 100% waterproof before a drop of paint is put on the surface. HDU will not rot, decay or decompose and is unaffected by temperature, humidity or barometric pressure. Additionally, the finished carving is also bonded with a durable shell coating system prior to painting.

Your Custom Figure may also be carved from basswood if you prefer. Prices for these figures are higher than HDU and quoted individually. Additional time and care must be taken to carve and work with the grain and individual characteristics of wood as well as the fine detailing and special sealing considerations that wooden figures require.


Prices will be quoted on an individual basis given all the specifics and considerations of a given project. Key among the factors will be:

A) The individual subject
B) Subject reference collected (Option #1 or Option#2)
C) Approach: Realistic or Caricature
D) The size of the Figure
E) The carving material chosen
F) Extensive wigging and facial hair considerations
G) Specialized body-shaping Requirements
H) Mechanical configurations

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