About The Artist
"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox

As a young child, Tim became fascinated with the art of ventriloquism. "As a kid, I saw Jimmy Nelson do commercials on television with his characters Danny O'Day and Farfel", he relates. "I wanted to be the next Jimmy Nelson, so my mother got me his record Instant Ventriloquism and a plastic Danny!"

By the time he was 12, Tim was making dummies and performing at local schools, malls and churches. He carved his first basswood head at age 16 with only an X-acto knife! As time went on, Tim became so engrossed in creating figures that it completely overtook performing with them. He continually strove to make them better in every possible way.

Tim studied art at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, as well as Cranbrook Academy, and NOVEC. His Figuremaking skills, however, were specifically acquired through many years of carefully honing and developing his own unique style and approach. Though many try to emulate his work - Selberg figures are very distinct, and stand apart from the rest.

In 1986, after selling many hand carved Figures on the side for several years, he formally left his day job and devoted himself to creating Figures full time through Selberg Studios.

Tim has been featured in numerous news stories, magazine articles, books and documentaries. Among them - "Belly Talkers", Michigan Magazine, The World's Greatest Craftsmen, etc. His work can be seen in Motion Pictures, Television, Commercials, and stage, and resides in the collections of several Museums and Galleries.

Tim Selberg lives in the charming town of Clarkston, Michigan, with his lovely wife, Jane. Between them, three children round out the clan: Elise, Lukas, and Angela.

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