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"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox
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About Signature Series Figures
Our first "Signature Figure" in this series is based on the incredible Danny O'Day, made famous by one of Ventriloquism's all time brightest Stars, Jimmy Nelson. The alliance with Jimmy yielded exciting results, and this figure is a wonderful blend of key elements of Danny (and that epic era of Marshall figures) yet with Tim Selberg's touch on the chisel's this time around. Danny 2012 can even raise his upper lip to acentuate that stellar smile if so ordered!

It was essential that Danny O'Day's wide-eyed innocent look be incorporated into the new "Danny". Stated Jimmy, "I have found that the more "innocent" the face, the more sophisticated the material we could get away with!"

Tim Selberg proudly presents this very special line of characters in conjunction with some of the most gifted and influential Artists to ever practice the Ventriloquial Art. Each of these extraordinary entertainers have made a major contribution to advance this delightful realm of show business. The incredible characters you see here were designed through a careful collaborative effort - drawing upon the success and experience that led each to the top of their field - to create a very dynamic personality that is geared for success on today's stage! Each figure is of the highest quality, artistry and workmanship possible, and are full professional size.

The inspiration is unmistakable... highlighting the fundamental elements that make each character so iconic, appealing, and memorable - directed and reimagined through the distinctive style and charm that Selberg Studios imparts to all of its creations.

Size and Weight

Our Danny Tribute Figure wears size 4 clothing and can be dressed right off the rack or you may order one of our special custom suits as pictured. Overall weight, fully dressed is approximately 5 pounds, due primarily to the especially lightweight materials used in the body.


Only the highest quality wigs are used and most were designed and manufactured specifically for our Figures. Colors available include: Off Black, Medium Dark Brown, Auburn, Red, and Blond. Custom and special order styles are also available.


Your choice of Blue, Brown, Green, or Hazel. Custom or special order eyes, glowing eyes, etc. are also possible.

Skin Tone

Each Figure's skin tone will be automatically matched to the hair and eye color combination you select. You may also choose to add a few freckles and special requests and custom paint schemes are possible.

Custom changes

Special changes and customization are possible with any character in our Line of Figures to create a look that is quite uniquely its own. Facial features such as nose, ears, mouth may be altered and tailored to varying degrees to create a subtle or even dramatic new look. This can be further enhanced by the the many skin tone and highlighting possibilities plus wig options available. Please inquire for a quote regarding any changes you may be interested in.

There is further information regarding several categories above on the ATTENTION TO DETAIL page.


A deposit of $275. is due when placing your order. The remaining balance is due in full by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or DiscoverCard prior to shipment. The deposit is non-refundable should you decide to cancel your Order.


Since each figure is entirely hand built, construction times vary but generally fall within a period of 10 to 16 weeks - depending on the number of orders on hand and the mechanical complexity and number of extra effects ordered. We strive to create your Figure in a timely manner. This process cannot be rushed, however, and each project is given the painstaking attention required. You may inquire for a current production time estimate.

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