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"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox
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J.J. Abrams recieved this Portrait Figure of himself
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About Extreme Puppets
An example of the impact custom revisions can make on an Extreme Puppet. How EXTREME do you want to go?

Extreme Puppets were conceived to push the creative limits of character design, mechanical innovation, and artistic ingenuity to a new level. They are a natural progression and outgrowth of what began with Living Puppets in 1995. We have designed each character for maximum appeal in every facet. Subtle is not the word here - these are dynamic personalities! Each Figure is exaggerated and bold yet still very realistically detailed - a comic character brought to life! Proportion and form of "Extreme Puppets" has been enhanced, enlarged, or diminished as needed to accentuate the key elements of a given character - all are larger than life in the personas they embody. Paint, facial colorations, and textures are whimsical and imaginative.

Please watch as we will be adding new characters and developing new mechanical innovations as this exciting line progresses!


All figures are full professional size. Bodies are lightweight and scaled to accentuate the figure's face and not becumbersome. Most Figures wear size 3T or 4T and are proportioned to fit into clothing right off the rack.


Only high quality wigs are used and most were designed and manufactured specifically for our Figures. Colors may include: auburn, black, blonde, light/medium /dark brown, carrot red, and strawberry (depending on availability), as well as salt & pepper, white or grey for the old folks! Custom and special order styles are also available.


Your choice of Blue, Brown, Green, or Hazel. Custom or special order eyes, glowing eyes, etc. are also possible.


Each Figure's skin tone this will be automatically matched to the hair and eye color combination you select. You may choose to add a few freckles and special requests and custom paint schemes are possible.


Special changes and customization is possible with any character in our Line of Figures to create a look that is quite uniquely it's own. Facial features such as nose, ears, mouth may be altered and tailored to varying degrees to create a subtle or even dramatic new look. This can be further enhanced by the the many skin tone and highlighting possibilities plus wig options available. Please inquire for a quote regarding any changes you may be interested in.

There is further information regarding several categories above on the ATTENTION TO DETAIL page.


A deposit of $275. is due when placing your order. The remaining balance is due in full by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or DiscoverCard prior to shipment. The deposit is non-refundable should you decide to cancel your Order.


Since each figure is entirely hand built, construction times vary but generally fall within a period of 10 to 16 weeks - depending on the number of orders on hand and the mechanical complexity and number of extra effects ordered. We strive to create your Figure in a timely manner. This process cannot be rushed, however, and each project is given the painstaking attention required. You may inquire for a current production time estimate.

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