Extreme Puppets
"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox

Standard Animations

(included in the base price): slot-jaw moving mouth, side to side moving eyes (that return to center when control is released), and full motion, ball and socket moving head.

Extra/Extra Animations

In addition to standard animations, up to 3 extra effects may be added to your figure at the prices listed at left. To add four or more "extras", please add the following percentage to all the effects ordered:

Four Effects add 10%, Five Effects add 20%, and Six Effects add 30%.

The reason for this charge is due to the limitations of space inside the head and the multiplied complexity that each additional effect imparts to the entire system. NOTE: Effects listed that are followed with * impose little or no problem should not be added to the "effect count". If both a Spitter and a Cryer are ordered however, this should be counted as one effect.

Additional Note: On occasion, certain combinations of multiple effects cannot be installed within the head space and configuration of a particular figure as the layout of each varies. After reviewing your order we will inform you should there be an issue.

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Gen 2
Computer Geek (Nerd) $2,895  
  Satyr (Nerd) (please inquire)  
Alec (Includes upper lip effect) $3,195  
Percy (Bully) $3,095  
Gangster (Bully) $3,250  
Leprechaun (Bully) $3,500  
The Drifter/Bum $3,850  
Extra Animations    
Closing Eyelids (1 Control) $425  
Wide Eyed Option (1 Control) * $215  
Closing Eyelids (2 Controls) $525  
Wide Eyed Option (2 Controls) * $250  
Crossing Eyes $495  
Raising Eyebrows $425  
Raising/Lowering Eyebrows $515  
Spitter * $250  
Crier * $300  
Elbow Stick Arm Control * $75  
Handshake/Moving Arm * $235  
Lighted Glowing Eyes (iris) $335  
Upper Lip Effect $375  
Stick-Out-Tongue (Drifter and Bully only) $500  
Up/Down Eyes (Nerd only) *** $150  
Flapping Ears (Drifter & Nerd) $475  
Remote Control Capability (please inquire)  
Red Glowing Nose (Drifter only) $495  
Glowing Eyes (change color) $395  
Optional Features    
Detailed Composition Feet $325  
Tough Cote Paint Protection Included  
Headlock $75  
Custom Combover Hair (Bum) $285  
Deluxe Head and Handcover
3 pc. Set ****
Custom Clothing (please inquire)  

Please refer to the ANIMATIONS page for an explanation of the various extra animations.

**Trigger Controls are available. Please inquire for specific pricing, or check back later for more updates.

***This allows the figure eyes to roll up or down and then automatically return to center when control is released. This is very effective on this character. IMPORTANT NOTE: If ordered, this effect replaces side to side movement of the eyes and closing eyelids are not available in conjunction with Up/Down Eyes at this time.

****Beautifully made of plush velour with a fine satin liner and an inner layer of resilient protective padding. The headcover is easily secured around your figure's head with a velcro strap and closure bearing the Selberg Studios Logo. Two individual handcovers are also included in each set, and made of identical materials - with the addition of integrated elastic openings to slip on easily and stay in place when packing and unpacking your Figure.
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