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"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox
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J.J. Abrams recieved this Portrait Figure of himself
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About Custom Figures
It all starts at the drawing board... Selberg Studios will work with you throughout the concept stage to bring your ideas to life.

It all begins with a blank piece of paper and an idea... Tim Selberg will personally work with you to bring your concept to life!

The blueprint for your "Custom Character" will be devised from discussions, emails, photos, clippings, or sketches you may wish to provide. Tim works meticulously to bring forth a 3 dimensional character that is identical to the 2 dimensional concept drawing.


Sketches are the first step in the creation process. Your ideas will guide Tim in drawing the facial views that will be the blueprint for the finished figure. This description need not be overly complex or detailed; just enough to give direction to the project.

You will then receive full sized drawings from Tim for your approval or changes you may wish before "creation" begins. You can be confident that Tim is known for creating a finished figure that is virtually identical to the approved sketches.


Tim sculpts the heads from wood in the traditional method using chisels and a mallet. He meticulously hand-carves every custom head from a laminated block. Working only from the final sketches, He visualizes the finished head within the rough cut block - without the use of preliminary clay models. After many, many hours of instinctive and painstaking work, a distinct personality emerges.

Once the carving and fine hand sanding have been completed, the head is carefully treated with a durable protective coating, ensuring a very long life for your investment.


Each figure is a one-of-a-kind original, created especially for you. Standard features include moving mouth/jaw and fluid ball and socket head movement. Our full array of extra animations may also be added. The size of the figure is up to you; most, however, typically fall in the range of between 24" to 46" overall.

Eye color, skin tones and effects, and hair color and custom wig styles will all be chosen for greatest impact. Tim will make suggestions and offer scenarios to assist you through the process.


High Density Urethane is a tough, dimensionally stable, closed cell, substrate carving and tooling material. It has high heat deflection properties and is 100% waterproof before a drop of paint is put on the surface. HDU will not rot, decay or decompose and is unaffected by temperature, humidity or barometric pressure. Additionally, the finished carving is also bonded with a durable shell coating system prior to painting.

Your Custom Figure may also be carved from basswood if you prefer. Prices for these figures are higher than HDU and quoted individually. Additional time and care must be taken to carve and work with the grain and individual characteristics of wood as well as the fine detailing and special sealing considerations that wooden figures require.


A deposit of $500 is due when placing your order and holds your place on the schedule. Once your "place" is reached and work begins on your figure, 1/2 of the total remaining balance is due via Check or Money Order. Upon completion, the remaining balance is due in full prior to shipment. Since this is custom work created specifically for you, one half of the total price of the figure is non-refundable should you decide to cancel your order after work has begun. The deposit is non-refundable at the Order's inception.


Since each figure is designed, hand-carved, and hand built from scratch, Custom Figures are a very time consuming proposition to create. Due to Tim's high demand for custom work and the accompanying waiting list, there is generally a period of up to one year or more from the time you place your order until construction begins. Wait time is also affected by the mechanical complexity and number of extra effects ordered. Please Inquire for current production time.

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