"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox

Generation II

Click photos above to get a glimpse of the amazing intricacy and quality of the fine brass mechanisms inside a "Selberg" head.
Generation II controls: Roll over image above to see finger placement (Tablet users, please tap image).
Trigger controls: Roll over image above to see finger placement (Tablet users, please tap image).

A closer look at the controls and mechanics built into Selberg puppets.


Introduced in February 2002, Gen ll Controls have been time tested and enthusiastically received; they replaced the previous standard control system. Like our Trigger Controls, this system is smooth, quiet, and comfortable to operate. Gen II uses a traditional type approach to lever placement. Facial animations are operated by brass levers which ride in precisely milled slots set into the control post. Stainless steel and brass rods are used within the post and connect to the mechanisms up inside the head.

To control the figures' eyes, for example, the bottom middle lever would be moved from side to side; when released the eyes return to center automatically! All other mechanical effects are activated by pulling down on the control levers (with 2 exceptions below).

Wide-Eyed Option and Lowering Eyebrow Effects: controlled by pushing the lever(s) upwards instead. Pulling either levers down would have the opposite facial response respectively. The reason for this is that each is a dual action control and sprung to return to the centered and neutral "set" position when the lever is released. For example, pushing the lever up for the Wide Eye effect will conversely close the eyes if the lever is pulled down. This is the same in the case of Raising/Lowering Eyebrows.

Important: The Wide-Eye Option can only be ordered in addition to Closing Eyelids, and Wide Eyed Option (2 controls) can only be ordered along with Closing Lids (2 controls) etc.

All mechanisms are carefully tensioned for proper feel and response and then padded to eliminate unwanted noise.


This ingenous control system is available on many Selberg Figures and there is nothing like it anywhere! It features direct-link triggers that rest comfortably beneath your fingertips and makes manipulating several animations simultaneously a breeze. The system has been likened to playing a very fine musical instrument. Each trigger links to its corresponding facial effect with rock solid componentry for smooth, quiet operation. There is never an awkward reach to control any of the animations, because each trigger is positioned where your fingers naturally fall as you grasp the control post.


Mouth action for both our Gen ll and Trigger Systems is controlled with the thumb. This is the recommended method preferred by most. However, this control may be switched for index finger control (Gen ll System only) if requested. Please inquire for more details.

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